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When Italy Gives You Lemons

Citrus has always represented love and happiness for people throughout history. In Italy, early trade between the Middle East & Amalfi coast area had locals breeding small bitter lemons with oranges. These fruits resemble the lemons we know the Amalfi coast for today and would be sold to sailors to prevent scurvy on long journeys. With a growing demand for this healthful fruit, entire towns planned around the fruit’s production. Lemons became a booming industry and are now a large part of the tourist economy for Italy.


Christopher Columbus first brought citrus to Florida in the late fifteenth century. Early Spanish settlers planted Orange trees, with Grapefruit to arrive later. It seems only fitting that the symbol of La Centrale, an Italian space in Miami be represented by citrus. A symbol that pays homage to our roots while representing a connection with our Miami community.


Celebrate lemons at La Centrale with…

Bombi Treats

From the northern region of Italy in the Piedmont region. All natural fruit gels are made from 100% REAL fruit pulp and REAL fruit pectin, no animal pectin or artificial colors or preservatives added.


lemon granita


We’ll be serving fresh granita on-the-go and in our space.


Marchesi di San Giugliano Marmalade

The San Giuliano estate has been owned by the Marquis Paternò Castello di San Giuliano family for over 800 years. Located near the volcanic Mount Etna, the surrounding land is incredibly fertile. Marchesi di San Giuliano makes marmalades, syrups, honey, extra virgin olive oil and biscuits.





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