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Discover These Italian Cocktails

Behind the bar is a foreign place to most people. There are hundreds of different cocktails, with each offering a number of varieties, twists and changes. To make things easier, we’ve suggested three popular and classic Italian cocktails to get you started on your spirits journey.  We want ordering to be as smooth as your drink. Want to take the next step? Learn how to make them yourself at our upcoming cocktail workshop. See a link to tickets below. Not ready to learn yet? You can spend your time hanging out with our Negroni Fountain, pouring unlimited drinks between 5-7pm in our Caffé on the first level. Cheers!





An Italian take on the classic Moscow Mule, this refreshing drink is made with Amaro, vodka, and lime. The cocktail is combined in a shaker with ice, double strained into a glass filled with ice and topped with ginger beer and garnished with mint to finish. Served in a classic copper mule this drink is a perfect reprieve from the Miami heat.



Treat yourself to one of the most popular cocktails in Italy! Served on the rocks and made with aperol, prosecco & soda this drink is an Italian staple. A great accompaniment to wind down with friends after a long day or enjoy slowly on a weekend afternoon. You’ll be transported to a southern Italian beach after the first sip.



A widely known Italian cocktail is the Negroni. Our Aperitivo Bar on the second level has two options, one being the Barrel Aged Negroni. This cocktail is made with campari, bombay east & cinzano. Need a refill on yours? Our Caffé has a Negroni fountain flowing every day from 5-7pm. Enjoy unlimited fill-ups during this time for $15.





Want to learn how to make these classic cocktails? Channel your inner Italian Bartender at one of our next workshops. We host an Iconic Cocktail Class every Wednesday in La Cucina, our lifestyle and cooking studio. See the upcoming schedule and purchase tickets here






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