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Gelato, A History

Gelato a known sweet treat and indulgence in Italy is much more than the European counterpart to American ice-cream. This treat is made with a greater proportion of whole milk to cream and is churned at a slower speed, making it denser. It’s also served differently, while ice cream is served frozen, gelato is kept at a slightly warmer temperature and served not completely frozen. Since the fat content is less in gelato, it doesn’t coat the mouth the same way as ice cream, making the flavors more intense.  Read below for a quick history of gelato before you pick yourself up some in Venchi on our second level! gelato

A Quick History of Gelato

1565 – The first modern gelato flavor was created at the Medici family court in Florence. Bernardo Buontalenti was the inventor of what seems to have been the egg cream gelato.


1686 – Francesco Procopio Cutò made gelato available to all when he opened Café Le Procope in Paris. Before that it was a food reserved for the wealthy.


1775 – Neapolitan doctor Filippo Baldini writes that gelato and sorbets are good for the body and mind.


1940s – Bruto Carpigiani of Bologna created a new gelato machine that would be faster, cleaner and more efficient than the existing models.


1950s – Gelato becomes a staple in Italy and producers start to get creative with their flavors.


Now – You can enjoy an array of Gelato flavors in our Venchi shop on the second floor! Need an extra indulgence? Cover your gelato in chocolate.


gelato crepe





Discover our gelato topped crepes in the Venchi shop on our third level. Enjoy a cup or cone of Italy’s most celebrated Gelateria. We also offer a full confectionary counter with an array of chocolates to indulge in and other treats to take home or purchase as gifts.





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