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La Cucina: Calvisius Caviar Class + Ca’ del Bosco Tasting


February 1, 2019


La Cucina: Level 3

On February 1st, La Centrale teams up with Calvisius Caviar and Ca’ del Bosco  to host “Bubbles and Caviar: An Italian Love Affair” to bring you an exclusive tasting with all things caviar.


Wanted to learn all there is to know about caviar from the experts? Then this exclusive class is for you. Our friends at Calvisius will take you on an in-depth journey from farm to table on how caviar is made and how you can enjoy it with some of your favorite dishes. The sommeliers at Ca’ del Bosco will present the perfect pairings while tasting caviar.




When in 1968 the young Maurizio Zanella approached his family about transforming a parcel of land with a dense oak forest into a vineyard, few could have imagined just what this passionate young man was truly capable of. Today, Ca’ del Bosco is considered a category leader and the industry standard when it comes to luxury sparkling wines; not only in Italy, but around the world.

Our commitment to excellence starts with the grapes, and as one of Franciacorta’s pioneers, Ca’ del Bosco was able to plant in the best viticultural sites. In addition to championing the Metodo Franciacorta, Ca’ del Bosco patented its own innovative techniques that ensure purity as “king” and quality as “queen”. As a result, we now take pride in providing to our loyal consumers a more natural wine with some of the lowest presences of sulfites and residual sugars in the industry.

When: 02/01/2019
Time: 7pm - 8:30pm
Cost: 80.00Reserve your spot