transport yourself to Capri and enjoy rosé themed popup on Level 2

It’s All Here: Wednesday Night

Looking for a mid-week getaway? Look no further than our three levels. Explore La Centrale on a Sunday night and have a unique experience. An Italian Holiday awaits. Are you ready? 

It's All Here: Wednesday Night

5PM – An Aperitivo

Stop by our APERITIVO Bar on the second level to get your night started. Enjoy $5 drinks and bites DAILY from 5-8pm. We recommend getting a classic Aperol Spritz or sip on a Negroni to get your night started.


6:15PM – Dinner & Live Music

After your drink head upstairs to our third level, ENOTECA. There enjoy a candlelit dinner accompanied by live music, happening every Wednesday.


8:30PM – After Dinner Sweets

There’s always room for dessert. After dinner head down to the second level and into VENCHI. Pick up a sweet chocolate treat or a scoop of gelato to enjoy after your meal.


9PM – Treats to Take Home

Before you leave, take your gelato downstairs to our level one MERCATO and pick up some delicious grocery items to make over the weekend. We offer an array of sauces, kinds of pasta, spices, treats and all kinds of other imported goods.



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