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Our Recipes: Aperol Spritz



An Aperol spritz is one of the most popular apéritifs in Italy loved by many, and it’s as tasty as it is refreshing. Low in alcohol, aromatic with citrus and slightly bitter, Aperol pairs perfectly with chilled prosecco. The Aperol Spritz is as easy to make as it is to drink, meaning it’s perfect for any time of day and any occasion. But what exactly is Aperol anyways and where did it come from? Well, Aperol is a fortified wine made with bitter orange, rhubarb and the cinchona flower and it’s originally from Venice. The word “spritz” comes from the German word for “splash” because when the Austrians settled in the north of Italy, they would add a “spritz” of water to local Italian wine. Over the years that wine turns to Aperol, the water became a bit more bubbly and the rest is history!




Eatery: Aperitivo Bar

Difficulty: Easy

Serves: 1

Course: Aperitif

Prep time: 10 minutes



2oz Aperol

3oz Brut Prosecco

half Orange Wheel

4oz Ice



  1. Pour the proseco into a wine glass filled with ice.
  2. Add the Aperol, orange wheel and lightly stir. (You can use the orange slice to mix the drink, we don’t judge.)

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