transport yourself to Capri and enjoy rosé themed popup on Level 2

How To: Escape to an Italian Beach

Treat yourself to a classic Italian holiday this summer without the expensive plane ticket or crowds of tourists. We’ve imported all the summertime essentials you’ll need to recreate your own slice of la dolce vita; from al fresco dining delights, lemon-centric fare and cocktails, to our very own rosé garden. Celebrate the lazy long days of an Italian summer with us at La Centrale, where life revolves around rituals of sun, spritzes and handmade pasta. Running this summer through Labor Day, read below for a few tips on how to best enjoy your mini-Miami escape.




Step into our Rosé Garden and find yourself transported to the gardens of Capri. Sit under the trellis surrounded by hanging flowers, soak in the warm light and feel the day’s stress melt away. The best part of the garden? There’s a number of ways to enjoy the summertime favorite, rosé. Go for the classic glass or if you’re looking to extend your stay try the two-hour unlimited rosé option, pouring from the fountain. Looking for something different? Try our rosé cocktail, the Roses & Lychee Martini, light and refreshing made with gin, lychee liqueur, lime juice, rose petal syrup and topped with a preserved rosebud. Also on our menu, sparkling rosé and frosé. Whatever you’re in the mood for, find the perfect refreshment in our garden.



While in the garden, enjoy a variety of options for snacks, lunch, and dinner. Choose a dish from our Passport Menu to experience the different options all throughout our floors or find something to eat on our Rosé Garden Menu. We recommend ordering the treat tower, a three-level tower of pink delicious sweets to snack on while you sit back, relax and sip.



Enjoy the spirit of an Italian Summer throughout our levels with lemon treats and specials. Try Lemon Focaccia, a Creamed Lemon Latté, Lemon Pasta, Lemon Candies, and a Lemon Panini. Bringing together the culture and cuisine of the coast, we’ve put a citrus-y twist on our classic dishes, cocktails and desserts. Transport your taste buds to the Adriatic Coast and discover citrus-infused seasonal items, cooking classes and more.



Browse our MERCATO for all things summer. Find grilling tools, pasta & spices. Al fresco entertaining is an effortless art of Italian culture. We have curated a collection of grilling gear, elegant cook and barware, and all the provisions for you to host your own picturesque summer dinner party or beach picnic, in true Italian-style. Shop the collection on our first floor.



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