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Which Type of Pizza Should You Order?

Take this quiz to find out what kind of pizza you should order at your next meal at La Centrale! At the end, count how many times you answered each letter and see which one you answered the most. That letter will correlate to the perfect pizza for you.

1. When you hang out with friends you like to:

A) Sit and talk

B) Go on adventures

C) Go out to eat

D) Watch TV


2. When ordering pizza, you typically:

A) Go for the tried-and-true cheese pizza

B) Try something different every time

C) Rotate between your favorite toppings and trying new things

D) Add your favorite toppings


3. How would your friends and family describe you?

A) Simple

B) Adventurous, risk taker

C) Sassy

D) Easy going


4. What is your favorite cheese out of these options?

A) Mozzarella

B) Any and all cheese

C) Ricotta

D) Parmesan


5. What is your favorite pizza topping out of these options?

A) Nothing, just cheese

B) Pepperoni

C) Truffle

D) Arugula


6. What is your favorite type of vacation?

A) Beach

B) Active

C) Cultural

D) Road trip


7. In general, the clothes you wear are:

A) Neutral – black, white, and grey

B) There is no general – I always mix it up

C) Colorful

D) Mix of colors and neutrals



Results: If you picked…

Mostly A’s: Margherita pizza – house-made mozzarella, grape tomatoes, basil

Mostly B’s: Coppa e Burrata – cherry tomatoes, tropea onions, parmigiano, coppa stagionata, burrata

Mostly C’s: Speck e Tartufo – Savini black truffle, mozzarella and ricotta, mushrooms, soft-farmed egg

Mostly D’s: Tricolore – prosciutto di Parma, scamorza, wild arugula, cherry tomatoes, parmigiano